FlipKenya is a host of Kenyan Business Directory. Every county in Kenya is represented by a unique online directory. The directories exist to help locals find information about businesses in their local counties and regions. FlipKenya users and visitors are be able to find business listings across diverse industries available. It also categorize businesses based on neighborhood and county in Kenya. Once the users access services from the available local businesses, they are able to contact them using a contact form. They can also leave ratings that help people in their local community decide which businesses in their area provide the best value for money. 

If you own a business in Kenya then you can be convinced that your online marketing strategy can’t be complete without a listing on FlipKenya County Directories. You will be joining thousands of businesses in Kenya already using FlipKenya as a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. You just need to choose a county interested to listing your business.

Why List my Business at FlipKenya?

Gain Greater Visibility

As the world of internet gain popularity, many potential clients access the Internet in search of local information. You can reach out to these targets, fully aware that they are likely to convert. Hence, it makes you online, based on the type and the County they choose in Kenya. In addition, having your business listed in FlipKenya County directories will increase your visibility to different audiences. This is because every individual is different and they search for businesses in different County directories in Kenya.

Become Accessible

With increased web traffic on FlipKenya local directories, people can easily get to know about you and other information, such as your contact details. Thus, they can ring you up whenever they would need your service or help. FlipKenya group of business directories serves as the perfect medium to showcase your products and your services anytime, anywhere.

Develop Your Brand

Branding isn’t only related to big brands and companies. Your business also needs branding regardless of its size or type. In your servicing area, there are many competitions and it’s important for your business to stand out. By listing your business onto FlipKenya local directories, you’ll be discovered by potential clients. In addition, any reviews that are left for your business can also be noticed to create a positive image for your business. If you’ve received any negative reviews, use it to do better and turn unhappy customers to your brand advocates.

Provide Detailed Business Information

Registering your business at FlipKenya Online County Directories allows potential customers to access all kinds of information like the kind of service you provide, details about your working hours, your website links, important updates, gallery of photos, and testimonials of past or current customers. Users can easily click on the link connecting to your website and learn more about you. This is a great way to locally publicize your site and provide them with the correct information they need. This will increase your business promotion and increase your customer base.

A Cost Effective Investment

Unlike other mediums of brand promotion, the FlipKenya Online County Business directories provide brands with multiple service options like better search engine rank and authentic client reviews, while at the same time makes it easier for you to have an effective communication with your prospects. FlipKenya gives an opportunity for your business to reach a wide range of target audience within a matter of minutes.

There lies no doubt about the immense benefit that businesses receive after registering to FlipKenya Online Business Directories. Whether it’s a new start-up or a business that has been established for years, every entrepreneur seeks to gain the maximum possible attention from the target audience and increase their business revenue. So go ahead and get noticed by registering your business at FlipKenya Online County  Business Directories.

Ease of Updating

Every business is listed under a specific account. You can edit your business information any time by logging in to the account. All sections of your business are eligible for editing including business information, products and service, contact details, photo gallery, and special offers. This makes your business stay up-to-date at all times.

Reliability / Authenticity

All FlipKenya businesses are listed based on Kenyan Counties, Its therefore easier to identify each business location. Every business listed in any county is verified before being approved for listing. This ensure that users access only genuine business hence reliable for a transaction.


FlipKenya Online County Directories supports business partnership or b2b. The partnership section provides a contact form giving way to commencement of business partnership relations.

We are in all major Kenyan counties - Kenya goes online!. 

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